For many patients, any concerns they have about laser eye surgery are often not so much about the procedure itself but instead their recovery afterward. Concerns about the level of discomfort they may feel, how soon they can get back to work, and when their vision will be evident are but three of the many queries they have.

The truth is that whilst your laser eye surgeon will do everything they can to make your recovery as swift and easy as possible, your actions will have the biggest influence. Here are 10 top tips for recovering properly from laser eye surgery.

Shower And Wash Your Hair Before Your Surgery: You might say, “Well of course I would”, but the reason we highlight this tip is that surgeons recommend not letting your eyes get wet in the 48 hours following laser eye surgery so no showers/hair washing.

Ask Someone To Drive You Home And Help Settle You In: You must not drive after laser eye surgery, so get someone to drive you home. Also, ask them to help you settle in when you get home, such as helping you with eye drops or preparing a meal.

Wear Comfortable Clothing To Go Straight To Bed In: We do not mean turn up for surgery in your pajamas, but instead, it is easier to go to bed or doze in a chair if the clothing you are wearing is comfortable, meaning you do not have to get change clothing.

Have Your Meals Pre-Prepped To Minimise Cooking You Need To Do: Your eyes might be a bit blurry, so you do not want to be cooking. Ideally, have someone to cook for you or prepare your own meals before surgery so they can be heated in the microwave.

Store Eye Drops In The Refrigerator: You will likely be given two eye drop types; one is an antibiotic, and the other is an anti-inflammatory. You should store unopened eye drop bottles in the refrigerator.

Wear An Eye Mask Over Your Eyes, Especially When You Are Sleeping: Rubbing your eyes is not recommended. However, it can happen accidentally when you are asleep, and your eyes rub against your pillow. The solution is to wear an eye mask, especially at night.

Avoid Screens And Monitors For A Couple Of Days: Now matter how much you use your computer, laptop, or mobile phone, try to minimize their use for a couple of days, as looking at screens and monitors for long periods hinders recovery.

Get Someone To Look After Your Pets For A Couple Of Days: If you have no pets, ignore this. If you have a pet that needs looking after, such as a dog or cat, it makes sense to ask someone to help look after them during your immediate recovery.

Get Plenty Of Rest: It is said that most ailments or medical issues can be made better if we rest more. That applies equally to recovering from laser eye surgery, so ensure you get plenty of rest and sleep, especially during that first week.

Do Not Rush It: No two people will recover in the same way and simultaneously. This means that even if it is suggested you can go back to work and do other activities within 48 hours if you are not ready, do not force it. Take the necessary time to recover properly.