If you have damaged, decayed, or missing teeth, this can generate several problems for you. It can be harder to eat food, your smile is compromised, you might feel pain, and overall, it can negatively impact your self-esteem. Of course, you have many solutions to these problems, which include veneers, dentures, and whitening. However, you will find a dentist will tell you the most effective solution is dental implants.

We are not saying any of the other solutions are poor options. Still, simply that dental implants offer the most advantages. They are a long-term solution rather than a temporary one. They have also proved extremely popular with those patients who have opted for dental implants over any other way of resolving their dental issues. Here, in some detail, are four reasons dental implants are so popular.

They Are Extremely Comfortable

It might seem surprising that a dental procedure to fit dental implants that involves drilling holes in your jawbone would be flagged as comfortable, but that is the case. When the system occurs, a local anaesthetic will be used to nullify any pain, but once the process is completed, you will be amazed at how comfortable your dental implants feel.

This is in comparison to dentures, which may not require as much upfront work as dental implants, but they can take several weeks to get used to, and within that period, dentures can be extremely painful as your gums and mouth adjust to them.

They Improve Your Speech

Depending on which teeth your dental implants are being fitted to replace, you will likely experience a varying degree of improved speech. This will be heightened if the teeth being replaced are those at the front.

Those with missing front teeth tend to have a lisp, and the issues created by this can range from a slight annoyance to outright embarrassment and a wish to avoid social interactions.

With dental implants filling those gaps, whether at the side, the back, or the front of your mouth, any lisp or speech anomalies will be gone, and you will be happy to talk in any situation.

They Make It Much Easier To Eat

As you probably already know, teeth play a huge role in how we eat, and it is not just concerning being able to bite off a piece of a well-done steak, for example. Chewing food properly starts and assists the digestive process, so there are health implications concerning our teeth not being able to chew food as well as they should.

Dental implants can replace all of the teeth that are missing, and so help to break down food into easy-to-swallow pieces, aid your digestion, and allow you to enjoy some foods that previously you were unable to eat due to your ability to chew or bite being compromised.

They Generate Increased Self Esteem

As well as the obvious physical problems created by having missing or broken teeth, many of the patients with dental implants because of the emotional and psychological issues they are dealing with due to having lost teeth.

The idea of having to smile with a gap in the front of their teeth can cause a great deal of stress to many people, not to mention the embarrassment of having to speak with a lisp. Some even become self-conscious about chewing their food as it adjusts due to teeth being missing.

With dental implants fitted, many patients may take for granted the physical improvements, albeit they exist, but instead appreciate more the boost to their self-esteem now that their speech is improved, they can chew normally, and their smile is restored to its former beauty.