5 Of The Most Popular Cosmetic Dental Treatments

People visit their dentists for all kinds of reasons. These include their regular check-ups, to have issues such as cavities resolved, and there are also some more serious dental issues that dentists deal with, such as abscesses and root canal treatment. Another reason for a visit to the dentists, and one which is becoming increasingly common, is cosmetic dental treatment.

Cosmetic dentistry is the work a dentist does to restore a patient’s tooth or teeth to a state, or an appearance, which is as close to how healthy teeth would appear. This often follows treatments such as tooth extraction, but it can also arise due to a tooth being damaged, or worst of all, knocked out due to an accident. Other reasons for a  cosmetic dentist include discoloured teeth and teeth that are not straight.

As for the specific type of cosmetic dentistry an individual may have, this is influenced by several factors. In no particular order, these include:

  • The specific issue they have with their teeth
  • The extent to which they wish their teeth to look ‘normal’
  • How any single cosmetic treatment is appropriate for them
  • The services offered by their local dentists
  • The amount they can afford
  • Any underlying medical conditions