When was the last time you saw your dentist for a general dental checkup? Six months? A year? Two years? Longer? As a rule of thumb, you should be seeing your dentist every six months for a checkup.

If you regularly maintain your teeth, your dentist may ask to see you once a year. However, if you have experienced dental issues, you may need to see your dentist as often as every three to four months.

Whatever the frequency of your checkups, one thing’s for sure: there are several reasons why you should get them. Read on to learn about the benefits of regular dental checkups.

Early Detection of Any Problems

Even though a general dental checkup can be nerve-wracking for some people, it’s incredibly important. It’s your best defence against any serious oral health problems, including oral cancer. What’s more, the earlier you see your dentist, the sooner you can take care of any issues before they become more serious.

Plaques and Tartar Removal

The best way to take care of tartar and plaques is with a scale and polish. A dentist must carry out this service. You can also do your part in its prevention by remembering to brush and floss regularly.

More Affordable

The longer you leave a small problem, the more expensive the fix for it can be. For example, a cavity near your tooth’s surface is something your dentist can take care of with an inexpensive filling.

However, if you don’t act upon that cavity, it can end up leading to severe decay and an infection in your tooth pulp. This may mean you require a root canal, which can come with a far higher price tag and potentially more discomfort.


It can be hard to tell what’s going on inside your teeth just by looking at them. Your dentist can get a much better idea by taking X-rays. These X-rays can identify cavities that require fixing now and those that could need fixing in the future.

You Feel More Confident

If you stay on top of your oral health with regular checkups, cleaning, and even teeth whitening, you can feel more confident about your teeth’s appearance. You may have more confidence smiling in photos, and even when meeting new people. Something as simple as a general dental checkup can end up making a world of difference.

You Can Prevent Bad Breath

Chronic bad breath, or halitosis, is one of the leading reasons people seek dental care. Your dentist can offer advice on how to take care of bad breath, such as brushing twice a day, rinsing, and flossing. Remember, brushing alone can only clean around 60% of tooth surfaces.

Life gets busy, and one of the first things that often ends up in the “will get around to it” pile is general dental care. Your oral health is linked to your overall health. Therefore, it’s essential to care for your teeth as you would for the rest of your body. Why not make an appointment for a checkup today? Your mouth will thank you for it.